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Music Mentorship - Multimedia Arts Program

Horizon Hearts, in collaboration with Damatrix Studios Network Multimedia Arts Program, we offer a precious opportunity to develop each youth unique ability to build skills that benefit them a lifetime. It’s a valuable program resource for both young men and women. This program can also serve as an after school program for school-aged kids before parents return home from work and because very few community supervised resources and activities for schooled-aged kids are available. In this amazing program, our youths learn, but not limited to the following:

  1. Music Mentorship // Horizon Homes – We provide emergency shelter to homeless families with children. Horizon House has been open since April 2018. Horizon House provides shelter, case management, and assistance in securing permanent housing and other life needs such as access to health care and help in seeking employment. Horizon House can host a total of 7 families and up to 18 individuals at a time. To the families who have already moved on to permanent housing, we wish them joy, health and happiness in their new homes! 

    We have exciting news! We are in the process of opening a second, larger family shelter right now – Columbia House. This wonderful new space will accommodate between 11 and 16 families, a total of 90 individuals, the largest family shelter in Nassau County Long Island. Our goal is to be open by April 1, 2019. We will offer the same services at Columbia House as we now provide at Horizon House. The space will also allow us to more programs for our clients and community over time.

  2. The Multimedia Arts Program teaches digital recording and broadcast engineering. We instruct on how to convert multimedia formats that is easily understood. Or instructors discuss and provide information on different types of music genres. In addition, we also train in the use of music and video creation software such as Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro X.
  3. Internship opportunities are offered to youths who are interested in working in the music and entertainment industry. We also provide opportunities to those wanting to learn professional office and interpersonal skills and how to work with the administratrive team. Click here for more information.

When donating to the cause, your support helps cover program space, instructors, program equipment and musical instrument costs for participants enrolled in the program. Your funding will also responds to Horizon Hearts’ annual grant seeking priorities.


Shelter Programs - Horizon House

Horizon Hearts, has an exciting opportunity to open a shelter for homeless women and children, Horizon House. We want to create a program that does more than provide temporary emergency housing, but equips residents with the skills and resources to live independently for the long term.

Young adults at Horizon House will also participate in our current music and communications workshops. These workshops, conducted in partnership with Damatrix Studios Network and Lincoln Hospital, provide youth with hands on experience working with professionals in music, radio and technical production.

Our longer term goal is to add complementary programs including job readiness training; proving employment experience; job placement assistance; and case management support. We have foundation and community resource options once Horizon House is in operation.

We just need to get started! Our immediate need is for start-up funds to get the Horizon House shelter up and running. Once the shelter is operational, state and county funds will support the on-going basic costs. We are reaching out to community and religious groups and corporations to help with things like furniture and kitchen items. But, some items require cash. Our start-up costs include things like deposit for utilities and rental space, staff training, office and program supplies and insurance, as well as the linens, furniture and food not provided through in-kind donations.

We know we can do this. We have the skills and experience to create and operate an effective program for underserved families and youths. Victor Seltzer, PhD, has over 20 years of experience managing and directing programs for homeless youth, families and people with HIV. Tommy Thomson, MSW, MPH, also has over 20 years of social work management and supervisory experience, as well as experience in program design and evaluation. As financial pressure on lower income individuals and families increases, we are seeing the numbers of homeless rise. With our many years of experience in this field, we have the skills and commitment necessary to make a difference.

Horizon Hearts is a not-for-profit corporation, 501(c) 3, and all donations are tax deductible.

Please help us bring shelter and opportunity to the women and families of our community!

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